Growing a plant

Title: GROWING A PLANT Short description: In this workshop children will learn how to plant a seed and how to transplant it on the soil. In particular: each child brings an empty yogurt container; the educator writes their names on the containers, so that children are able…

Seed bombs. Nendo dango

Title: SEED BOMBS. NENDO DANGO Short description: Seed bombs are a useful tool that gardeners can use to spread flowers in bared spots, creating pockets of beauty and habitats for pollinators. This is a revolutionary technique which is especially suitable and motivating for children from 3…

The caring gardeners

Title: THE CARING GARDENERS Short description: This is a group activity in which children learn, explore, sing, play and experience the concept of the role of a human in growing and harvesting in the garden. This is achieved through a presentation, commentary and practical realization of…

Explora Education

è un progetto di Museo dei Bambini S.C.S.
Explora, il Museo dei Bambini di Roma è un soggetto accreditato dal MIUR per la formazione Direttiva Ministeriale 170/2016 e i corsi sono disponibili nel catalogo dell’offerta formativa S.O.F.I.A. la piattaforma MIUR per la formazione dei docenti.

La cooperativa opera con certificazione di qualità EN ISO 9001:2015 per la “Progettazione ed erogazione di attività ludico-educative per bambini da 0 a 12 anni” (EA39) e per la Progettazione ed erogazione di servizi formativi (EA37), Certificato n° IQ-0607-01 emesso da Dasa-Rägister