Short description: This is a group activity in which children learn, explore, sing, play and experience the concept of the role of a human in growing and harvesting in the garden. This is achieved through a presentation, commentary and practical realization of the full range of activities that man carries out in order to grow a delicious and abundant harvest – planning, preparation, planting, watering, plant care, harvesting and sharing the fruits of our work. Children learn the names of the main tools and materials we use in the garden – shovel, hoe, rake, can, bucket, planter, seed, seedlings, etc., as well as the basic safety rules. Children become aware of the logical sequence of all activities in the garden – preparing and planting in the spring, planting in the summer, harvesting in the autumn, winterizing the garden in winter. Within the scope of the activity, children are given the opportunity to connect the folklore songs, dances and traditions with the specific occasions for their reproduction. Throughout the activity, children learn much more, than just purely horticultural knowledge and skills, they learn spontaneously to work together, to communicate, to exchange ideas and to help coordinate activities with each others.

Target age of children: 4-5 years old

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