Малко семенце за големи открития

Заглавие Малко семенце за големи открития Кратко описание Слушайки разказа на старинна басня, децата ще се запознаят с жизнения цикъл на растението – от какво израства, какво представляват семената, как се образуват и как различните семена имат нужда от различни видове почва, за да се развиват….

The game of the senses – small detectives

Title: THE GAME OF THE SENSES.  SMALL DETECTIVES Short description: In this workshop children will learn how to recognize aromatic plants and how to use them. This will be done by using the sense of smell, to identify herbs and by discovering the properties of the…

I am natural! (Arcimboldo art)

Title: I AM NATURAL!(ARCIMBOLDO ART) Short description: This workshop is clearly related to the word of arts, and aims to attempt that a garden is an amazing tool to work all the subjects of the curriculum in an interrelated way, which definitely is much more enriching…

The root – function of the root

Title: THE ROOT – FUNCTION OF THE ROOT Short description: Within this activity, children will become familiar with the concept of “the root” as a major part of the; structure of the plant, its functions, and why it is so important for the life of the…

The life cycle of the plant

Title: THE LIFE CYCLE OF THE PLANT Short description: With this activity, children will learn about the life cycle of the plant by watching a short video and exploring each phase – seed, sprout, young plant, flower, bud, fruit and decomposing (for annual plants). Within the…

Explora Education

è un progetto di Museo dei Bambini S.C.S. ONLUS
Explora, il Museo dei Bambini di Roma è un soggetto accreditato dal MIUR per la formazione Direttiva Ministeriale 170/2016 e i corsi sono disponibili nel catalogo dell’offerta formativa S.O.F.I.A. la piattaforma MIUR per la formazione dei docenti.

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