MODULE 1 aims to provide teachers willing to create an educational garden with necessary preliminary information, including:

  • suitability of the new garden space;
  • market survey on inputs and equipment, distribution to the involved schools and garden set-up;
  • fund raising and networking with other educational gardens.
Learning objectives
  • to identify the most suitable area for educational gardening activities;
  • to choose the most suitable garden type to be implemented including garden design – soilless or on soil system – and ensure that the orientation of the garden is appropriate for the garden type;
  • to conduct in an autonomous way a proper market survey for selecting and purchasing inputs (seeds, fertilizer, substrate etc.) and equipment available locally for building and managing the garden;
  • to ensure teachers and children have access to an outdoor learning space to facilitate educational workshops;
  • to use checklists/support materials to inform how technical issues can be addressed most effectively and efficiently
  • to involve the school community, local community and local businesses when establishing and sustaining your school garden.
The teacher will be able to
  • examine the available areas and benchmark their quality;
  • carry out soil samples and assess how these can be best used;
  • choose the suitable garden type to be implemented in the selected area;
  • select and buy the most suitable inputs and material and develop an estimate of the budget for the implementation and management of the gardens;
  • source additional funding to support the running of the garden if/when necessary;
  • share and learn from best practices.